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  • This referral scheme is only open to individuals who are registered and working as a Temporary or Dual Management employee with Abbatt Property Recruitment.
  • The referral reward will be paid via bank transfer. Abbatt Property Recruitment is responsible for UK taxes, as required by law, arising from the provision of the referral bonus.
  • When a referee is placed in a permanent role and completes their probationary period, the referrer will receive £100.
  • When a referee is placed in a temporary role and completes 100 hours of work, the referrer will receive £50.
  • The referee will not be eligible to receive the referral reward under this scheme in the event that he/she has previously registered with Abbatt Property Recruitment.
  • In the event that a candidate is referred to Abbatt Property Recruitment more than once, only the first person to refer that candidate will be eligible for a referral reward.
  • By participating in Abbatt Property Recruitment’s referral scheme you are consenting to the company storing your data. Your right to be forgotten can be exercised at any time by contacting Abbatt directly.

The “Referrer” relates to the individual that has made the referral.

The “Referee” relates to the individual that has been referred by “the Referrer”.