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What costs you the job? Get ahead, prepare, and make yourself memorable for all the right reasons.

Not enough preparation

Interview nerves are natural but good preparation can calm them.

  • Research the company and if you can, the person conducting your interview.
  • Prepare potential questions and answers. Organise your thoughts and provide clear, concise answers. We always suggest using the STAR method.
  • Have questions ready to ask the interviewer and make sure the answers aren’t readily available on their website!

Not showing your personality

Just like individuals, companies have personalities too, which is why employers look to see how your personality and values align with theirs.

  • Don’t bring negativity to the interview.
  • Remember to smile (and laugh!)
  • Keep it positive, should you be asked about a weakness or past mistake, focus on what you’ve learned from these situations.
  • Don’t criticise a past or existing employer/colleague.
  • Be yourself! Let your personality shine.

Inappropriate interview attire

There is no one size fits all interview outfit. Workplace attire really does depend on the role and company; however, working within hospitality, a polished appearance is always very important. First impressions matter especially in customer facing roles, namely Front of House and Concierge roles. Our guidelines for Concierge attire:

  • Freshly laundered and wrinkle-free!
  • Clean shoes. No trainers.
  • If you wear make-up, we suggest being conservative.
  • Clean and neatly trimmed nails.

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