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This post walks you through an example of answering a typical Concierge interview question using the STAR method.

Example Interview Question: Tell me about a time you dealt with an angry resident

An example response using the STAR Method:


In my last role as a concierge for a block of flats, a resident approached the reception angry that the lift was out of use.


First of all, I apologised. As a Concierge, I realise that I’m the first and primary point of contact for residents when it comes to any support they need at the place they call home, and I explained that I would escalate their complaint with the property management company.


Following this, I informed the property management company, and put an out of service notice on the lift with the confirmed date for repair.

I also logged the complaint to ensure that my colleagues and the property management company had a record of the complaint and to ensure that it would be handled in a timely manner and not slip through the cracks. I then followed up with the resident.


The result was a confirmed date for repair and the resident thankful for the communication and timely response.

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