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Get ahead and use the Christmas period to kick-start your job search! It might seem like everyone else is getting merry but use your downtime wisely because we all know that finding the time to look for a job while in a job is a hard task.

The New Year (especially the end of January) also sees a surge of job applications and that means more competition. Stay motivated and dedicate time to:

1. Your CV.
2. Preparing cover letter templates. Company end-of-year newsletters, blog posts and similar offer great talking points.
3. Your interview skills.

What’s more, with time on your hands, reach out to your network and think about how you can strengthen it. Wish your existing contacts well and look for new contacts in similar fields/positions who might have great insight that they can share with you.

Take time out to think about your New Year career aspirations, identify what you want to achieve and get applying.

And if you’re looking for a change in career path and want to consider temporary opportunities before a permanent change, you can see our latest temporary vacancies here.