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According to Betterteam, 94% of professional recruiters are snooping social media to screen candidates during the recruitment process. The question is, with so much on the line, how can you make your social media recruiter friendly?

1. Stop over-sharing

Are you guilty of over-sharing on social media? If so, think twice before you next share your personal issues, political views, what Shelly in the office said or any other of bugbears. And don’t forget about your photos. It’s true what they say, a picture can paint a thousand words.

Recruiters and prospective employers are looking for reasons not to call you back so if they see something they don’t like, you can wave goodbye to that shiny new opportunity.

2. Head off to your privacy settings

Protect your privacy by properly managing your social media privacy settings. Often the default is public meaning what you post is common knowledge to anyone who chooses to look for it, i.e. recruiters.

Making your posts only viewable to friends and family is your safest bet and while you’re there, have a look out for what other people can post about you too. Again, you want to limit this.

3. Stress your strong points

Having said the above, you do want to be active on social media. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn offer great networking opportunities and are ‘the’ place to humbly share your accomplishments.

Use your social media as a branding tool. Think about how your profile can help to sell yourself with an introduction to you, your background e.g. education/qualifications, previous places of work and photos that say something positive about you.

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