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It’s common practice to prepare before an interview. We all do it. Or at least we should. But how much thought have you given to how your body language affects your interview?

Walk in with a smile

Employers want likeable, happy people. So while it’s natural to feel anxious, remember to smile. It makes you appear more relaxed and approachable and when your interviewer smiles back, you’ll instantly feel more at ease.

Make eye contact

Eye contact shows that you’re not intimidated, and that you’re actively engaging with the conversation. A good guideline is to hold eye contact for a few seconds at a time and if you’re feeling nervous or uncomfortable, that’s ok, look away for a couple of seconds.

Watch your posture

Your body language should be open and inviting. Sit up tall and lean in occasionally to demonstrate your curiosity in what the interviewer has to say. Similarly, keep your arms and legs uncrossed as this can make you come across as uninterested or defensive.

Mirror your interviewer

Did you know there is a neuron in our brain that causes us to “mirror” others’ actions? It helps us to feel understood. Take facial expressions for example. When someone smiles, it’s natural to smile back, even when you don’t feel particularly happy. In an interview situation, take queues from your interviewer’s gestures. Naturally, the interviewer will feel more confident than you do in what is an unnatural environment for you, so subtly following their lead with a nod or change in posture will subconsciously give you more confidence.

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