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You’re putting your CV together and feeling chuffed with your masterpiece, but have you got the basics rights? Sell your CV best by avoiding these CV Don’ts…


  • Exceed two sides and if you can, keep it to one

Only include what is most relevant to the job that you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a front of house position, customer service experience will be most relevant.

  • Include irrelevant personal information

Contact details, yes. Nationality, age, marital status, social media handles etc. no. This information does not affect your ability to do the job.

  • Include an inappropriate email address

Keep your email address as close to your name as possible and ditch those that resemble something like!

  • Embellish the truth

Don’t lie! You’ll be asked to elaborate and give practical examples at interview stage.

  • Use unprofessional fonts

Just as you wouldn’t use a crayon to sign a contract, we don’t suggest you use Comic Sans to write your CV. An easy to read, professional font is important if you want to get your CV noticed and a good rule of thumb is to use a sans serif font like Calibri, Arial or Verdana.

  • Use graphics or tables

Graphics and the software that recruiters use are not friends. The software scans your CV and picks out keywords applicable to the position you’re applying for but very often, it’s unable to read graphics and tables meaning that your CV will fail to get noticed!

  • Avoid CV clichés

Ditch the clichés and evidence your skills and experience. As an example, if you say you’re pro-active, what have you achieved by being this way? Can you evidence how you take initiative to go above and beyond helping residents and guests, for example?

  • Forget to spellcheck

Spelling and grammar mistakes are a real turn off. Check, check and check again, and even ask a friend to proofread. Show your eye for detail and make a good first impression.

If you think you’re on the right track and are ready to upload your CV, you can upload your CV here or alternatively browse our latest vacancies here.