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Packaging is as important as the product itself. Consider this in the context of how you dress at an interview as well as later on down the line once you’ve secured a role as a concierge.

As a concierge, you represent not only your employer and their brand but the entire building. You are a main point of contact and responsible for delivering the highest levels of customer service. A positive and professional appearance plays an important role in reflecting these commitments and instilling confidence in the people around you.

Abbatt’s concierge uniform guidelines:

• Black suit jacket. All buttons must be buttoned all the way.
• Black dress trousers.
• Black shoes and socks. Socks must be free of logos and sit no lower than the top of the ankle. Shoes must be clean and polished. Open toed shoes are prohibited.
• Tie. Male concierge must wear an appropriate tie.
• Black skirt. Women may choose to wear a tailored skirt in place of trousers. Skirts must be worn at an appropriate length. A good rule of thumb is no higher than 1” above the knee.

All uniform should be freshly laundered and wrinkle-free.