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Customer service plays a pivotal role in the success of a concierge service and as the face of a building, concierge staff are the first point of contact for residents and guests. Therefore, exceptional customer service creates a positive first impression and enhances the entire resident experience. Our top 10 tips:


1. Listen Actively:

Pay close attention to residents, guests and contractors needs and concerns. Practice active listening to understand their issues fully before providing solutions. Empathise with their situations and show genuine interest in helping them resolve their problems.


2. Be Responsive:

Respond promptly to enquiries, whether they come through phone calls, emails, or other channels. Aim to acknowledge messages within a reasonable timeframe, even if you can’t immediately resolve the issue.


3. Communicate Clearly:

Use clear and concise language when communicating with customers. Avoid jargon and technical terms that might confuse them. Ensure that instructions and explanations are easy to understand and provide additional clarification if needed.


4. Empower Your Team:

If you are a team leader, empower your team to be proactive. Provide them with the training, resources, and authority they need to address customer concerns effectively.


5. Exceed Expectations:

Strive to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity. Anticipate residents’ needs and go the extra mile to provide added value.


6. Be Positive and Friendly:

Maintain a positive and friendly attitude, even in challenging situations. Smile, use a warm tone of voice, and convey enthusiasm for helping residents. A positive demeanour can help diffuse tension and leave a lasting impression.


7. Follow Up:

Where appropriate, follow up after resolving issues to ensure satisfaction. Send a thank-you email, make a courtesy call, or ask for feedback to gauge their experience and identify areas for improvement.


8. Seek Continuous Improvement:

Regularly evaluate your customer service processes. Identify areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance the customer experience continually. Stay proactive in addressing issues and adapting to evolving customer needs.


9. Personalise the Experience:

Use their name, reference past interactions, and offer personalised solutions where possible.


10. Stay Professional:

Maintain professionalism in all customer interactions, even when faced with difficult or irate residents’, guests or contractors. Remain calm, patient, and respectful, and avoid taking things personally. Focus on finding solutions and resolving issues professionally, without resorting to confrontations.


By implementing these tips and fostering a customer-centric culture within your building, you can provide brilliant customer service that exceeds expectations and builds long-lasting relationships.