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Boost your chances at your next interview with a sneaky peak at the top 5 cleaner interview questions our clients ask!

1. What do you know about the company?

This question is a great one to show off that you’ve done your research and demonstrates that you care enough about the company and role. Still, don’t let it panic you, an understanding of the basics will suffice. And a good place to start? The company’s website.
The basics:
• What sort of company is this? Is it new or established? Big or small?
• What do you know about the building you’ll be joining? It is residential, commercial, maybe a mix of both?
• What is the company’s purpose and goals?
• Are there any company achievements that stand out?

2. What experience can you bring to this job from your previous role?

Our cleaner positions are filled by candidates who come from a variety of backgrounds, so while cleaning or housekeeping experience is preferred, it isn’t a must.

Everyone has transferable skills (skills picked up through day-to-day life and experiences) and if you lack cleaning experience but can speak about these skills, then you’re on the right track! For example, you could say that you are “a strong team player, demonstrated when you successfully worked in a small team of catering assistants”.

3. Are you familiar with Health & Safety precautions?

Most important is that you are aware of COSHH. COSHH is a law that requires your employer to control substances that are hazardous to health.

As a result of COSHH, our clients like our cleaners to be knowledgeable on how to prevent exposure to harmful substances such as those found in cleaning products. Examples of how you might prevent exposure and to provide at interview include:

• Practicing good hand care – removing contamination promptly, washing and drying hands thoroughly and using skin creams regularly
• Using protective equipment such as protective gloves and aprons
• Minimising leaks/spills and contact with harmful substances
• Storing cleaning products safely

Awareness of hazard pictograms is also good to have.

4. Why do you want to this position?

Is it more hours that you’re looking for? Do you need the added security that a permanent position would offer? If so, don’t be afraid to say so.

5. What are your salary expectations?

Our consultants will make you aware of the salary our clients are prepared to offer at the time of application. Be sure at this stage that you are happy with the salary. For our cleaner positions, it doesn’t reflect well to try and negotiate at interview stage and will put you in

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